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Out 26 May 2020.

Cover by Rosaria Trivisonne


Sons of Storm is an urban fantasy novel, based on Norse mythology, about the difficult transition from adolescence to adulthood and the ties of a deep friendship, developing into something more, between two very different boys.


Nathaniel is a shy college student raised between New York and Florida, with a prophecy to fulfil and an unusual and loving family around him which he fears disappointing; Winter is a loner, raised in foster homes, mad at the world, as a street-smart kid can be.


When they meet under the most unlikely circumstances and get stuck in a wild and ancient past, they will need all their powers, and the special bond developing between them, to survive and find a way back home. Forced into fierce battles, and caught between hard decisions and devastating revelations, they will share a common fate and fight a war greater than themselves, to finally find out what it means to be Sons of Storm.


E-book and Paperback are also available on all Online retailers.

Sons of Storm

SKU: 9781913387020

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