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Release Date 8 June 2021


Paris, 1930. Monsieur D’Haricot is a secret agent with a twitchy moustache.


Out of sight and mind, a community of refugees has been forced beneath the catacombs by centuries of persecution. They have built their own city, a replica of Paris, and developed advanced technologies and transport systems. With post-WWI Europe in turmoil, now is the time for them to resurface.

Monsieur D’Haricot has no problem with this, but a planned invasion is a different story altogether. He is, after all, duty-bound to protect France.


Faced with mistaken identities, split personalities, trickery, lies, downright lies, and repugnant bicycles, he will need to engage his complete repertoire of guile and espionage training to prevail. If that fails, well, at least he can rely on a little help from his friends: a sweet-toothed crab and an angel puppeteer.


The time is right for revolution, but the clock is not.


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The Dalliances of Monsieur D'Haricot

SKU: 978-1-913387-39-6
  • "It’s non-stop action, mystery, adventure and confusion as the secret agent battles his way through plots, revolutions, mumbo-jumbo, bad manners, misunderstandings, illusions, flirtations and inebriation. [...] It’s a heady mixture of Jules Verne, Roald Dahl, Lewis Carroll, P.G. Wodehouse and Nils-Olof Franzen." SFCrowsnest

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