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The Last Ghost And Other Stories is the latest collection from Marie O’Regan. Here you will find “The Last Ghost”, a young girl’s tale of loss; “In The Howling of the Wind”, a small boy waiting for his parents in a house suddenly grown strange; “Someone To Watch Over You”, the story of a protective phantom; “The Cradle in the Corner”, a slightly different haunting; “Play Time”, a cautionary tale on the dangers of playing out alone at night; “Sleeping Black”, a tale of vengeful spirits awoken by a house’s new tenants, and “Suicide Bridge”, a love story with a difference.


Simplicity is much harder than it looks. Marie O’Regan has that power. Her tales have the timeless quality of stories told by relatives over the heads of children who are meant to be in bed.” - Christopher Fowler

The Last Ghost and Other Stories

SKU: 9781911143710
  • 4* "This contains the full range of ghosts, from the helpful to the benign to the malicious. This includes the tradition of a ghost story for Christmas, as well as explorations of modern anxieties through a lens of supernatural influence. Of particular note is “Play Time” which is a fascinating view into belonging and want. Also “Sleeping Black” is a grim history lesson on chimney sweeps and about whether the sins of the father can ever be atoned for."

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