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Release Date 7 February 2023. Dark Fantasy

BSFA for Best Shorter Fiction, Longlist 2024


In a world still bearing the scars from an ancient magical conflict, those who wield magic – or are changed by it – are condemned as abominations, their lives forfeit.

Raised at sea under the tyrannical rule of his father, there is nothing the young Captain Fiaer Dradorn won’t do for the knowledge of a lost treasure that drove his father’s obsession. Even start a war.

Betrayed to the mercy – and consequences – of catastrophic, uncontrolled, magic, Fiaer is left with nothing but the belief in his own monstrosity and the overwhelming desire for revenge.

As his plans take form, he realises that true monstrosity is less what someone is, and more who they chose to be. A choice he must make before others make it for him.

The LiesWe Tell Ourselves

SKU: 978-1-915556-02-8
  • Watch the YouTube launch here.

  • "Kitney hails from Orkney in the far north of Scotland, and their bone-deep understanding of weather, tides, and seafaring lifts this novella into a mythical verisimilitude. [...] This is the sort of read you can’t help yourself casting roles as action plays in your head. A most enjoyable escape into another world." Aurealis #160

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