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Release Date 8 February 2022


Robert has been an imaginary twin brother to Lillian for over eighteen years.

After the sudden and deliberate death of their older sister, Robert is forced to confront the inevitability of his own death as an imagined being.

Interspersed between Robert’s grappling with the logistics of what he is, are the voices of his family members: Lillian, who needed an imaginary friend late in life; Lacey and Samantha, the older twin sisters who grow apart on purpose; and Jillian, the result of a teenage pregnancy, who feels she’s treated more like an imaginary being than Rob is.

The Moment You Remember, You Forget challenges the perception of what is real by exploring the boundaries of love, dependency, and grief.


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The Moment You Remember, You Forget

SKU: 978-1-913387-83-9
  • "It fits the theme like a glove: we tend to give our lives the illusion of linearity, but our memories bring us back to the past. There is also what we want to forget. What we actually forgot. Within a family, memories are also linked to our identities. The novella explores all that in a very subtle way. With a last question mark maybe: can we love those we have forgotten, can we love those we imagine? [...]

    [...] the last chapter is a real jewel, not only in terms of writing, but also in the way Jimenez gathers all the themes she has explored throughout the novella. I particularly enjoyed the life and joy that came through with the last character who appeared then.

    The Moment You Remember You Forget is a lovely, quiet story that reflects wonderfully on family ties and the search of meaning and love in a very mundane life." The Middle Shelf Review


    "This is a fluid tale skipping back and forth through characters’ lives back and forth in the past and the future. The narrative is for the reader to see all the little connections and developments. What I liked about this tale is that idea it explores how memory fades. An absent father could also become an imaginary friend; a family you never return to slowly fade from memory; our perceptions all change. [...] 

    A fascinating, inventive and melancholy tale of love and loss in a family that I think is well worth experiencing for yourself. I will definitely watch for more from Jimenez in the future" Run Along the Shelves

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