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Release Date 2-8-22

Available in Paperback, Hardback and Digital.

Dark Fantasy/ Folk Horror

SCKA Awards Winner 2023 for Best Novel - Blurred Boundaries

BSFA Awards Shortlist 2023 for Best Cover

BSFA Awards Longlist 2023 for Best Novel


Sometimes hope is the most dangerous thing of all.


When their brother dies, two sisters lose the one thing that connected them. But then a year after her twin’s death, Tamsin goes missing.


Despite police indifference and her husband’s doubts, Freya is determined to find her sister. But a trail of diary entries reveals a woman she barely knew, and a danger she can scarcely fathom, full of deep waters and shadowy myths, where the grief that drove Tamsin to the edge of a cliff also led her into the arms of a mysterious stranger ... A man who promised hope but demandedsacrifice...


Watch the book launch here:

The Way The Light Bends - HB

SKU: 978-1-913387-13-6
  • “Wilson’s novel is rooted in a deep sense of place, beautifully evoking the history and magic of Scotland. A fantasy-tinged story about the hole grief makes, complicated family relationships, and the road to healing.” A.C. Wise author of Wendy, Darling


    "Wilson describes the complexities of a sibling relationship masterfully, and anyone with a sibling will be struck by how true and relatable it feels. ... Such a striking story: a delicate story that never falls headlong into fantasy tropes and keeps instead an impressive balance between your interpretation of reality and the characters.

    The Way the Light Bends will fit you perfectly if you've enjoyed This Is Our Undoing or if you're a fan of Nina Allan's stories. What will remain with me, however, will be what I felt, how much I felt for these two sisters and their fraught relationship . Wilson has written another beautiful novel whose emotions spill from the page and carry you--maybe--somewhere else." The Middle Shelf


    "In Lorraine Wilson’s spellbinding contemporary fantasy tale The Way The Light Bends we get a haunting, powerful and intelligent story that I think cements Wilson as a writer to watch in this genre. ...An immensely powerful and captivating tale where the developing fantastical elements are intertwined with an amazing set of character dynamics." Runalong The Shelves 


    "The Way the Light Bends – Lorraine Wilson. After just two novels Wilson has gone straight onto that short list of writers I’ll buy immediately. This intense study of grief and loss is a gripping emotional thriller that straddles boundaries of the fantastic and the imagined. And as with all grief it offers comfort but not easy answers." Kev McVeigh


    "This is a beautifully written book. It’s not filled with action. It’s not brimming with magic or fantasy.What you get is a heart-wrenching reflection on the depths of grief. It’s in some ways a slow burn, literary, and oh so good. A mark of a great novel is how long it stays in your mind, turning over and prodding you when you least expect it. Months on, I am still thinking about Freya and Tamsin, and I would urge you to pick up a copyand do the same." 5/5 Craig Kelly for Tangled Web Magazine.​​​​​​​

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