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Fangorn/Chris Baker Artwork Winner of the BSFA 2020!

"For Your Own Good" and the cover art by Fangorn Shortlisted for the BSFA Awards


A war-zone theme park; sentient suns; an intelligent car AI with ulterior motives; an enigmatic scent heralding imminent death.

These are just some of the intriguing themes explored in this collection from Ian Whates. Bringing together for the first time a decade-spanning selection of Whates’ heralded short stories, including three all-new tales, this is a must-read for fans of intelligent speculative fiction.


“Ian Whates is a born storyteller” – Tanith Lee


“A natural story-teller, Whates works his material with verve, obvious enjoyment, and an effortless breezy prose style.” – The Guardian


“Intelligent, ingenious, often funny, and told with an easy and down to earth style.” – Adrian Tchaikovsky


“Brilliantly inventive.” – SFX 


“Ian Whates’ writing is smooth and immensely readable.” – The Future Fire

Wourism and Other Stories

  • ISBN PRINT: 9781911143758

    ISBN DIGITAL: 9781911143765

  • Fangorn

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