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Author: Daniele Azara

Translator: Francesca T Barbini


Can two boys bring back peace and end the millennial war between Atlantis and Mu?


Children of Mu is a Young Adult Urban Fantasy with elements of the rich mythology of Atlantis and Mu. It is a story of growth and friendship, set among giants and ancient creatures.


Fifteen-year-old Andrew Fawcett is a difficult student, forced to enrol at Saint Paul’s, a re-education institution. There, he meets Adam, a boy who is living with his grandparents in a house overrun by an unkempt garden and a web of creepers. His new friend is elusive, but wise, and yet he barely knows anything about TV and the internet. The two become inseparable, until a single evening full of anguish and confusion changes everything forever.


Adam disappears and Andrew, along with a fallen prince and a stubborn policewoman, embarks on a journey to save his friend that will catapult him into an impossible new reality. Here he finds dark, slimy creatures, giants that know everything, men with extraordinary powers, and a war that has lasted 13,000 years.


A war that is looming over an unaware outside world.

Children of Mu - The Calling

SKU: 9781911143772

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