Release date 26 March 2021


Book 7 of the Harvester Series

Brazilian Speculative Fiction.


Fourteen stories, ranging from science fiction to weird, mixing future scenarios (on and off-Earth) and alternate realities, but in fact, they are essentially about one thing: love and its malcontents.

A man who refuses to let death erase the memories of his loved ones; two time-travellers leaping through the aeons in a literal love-and-death relationship; a murderer in love with the ghost of his prey - and more.

What would you do for love? What lengths, in space and time, would you go to? These characters have done it all.



Love. An Archaeology

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  • “This collection is pure ideas, pure imagination, it not only lives up to that promise, but exceeds it exponentially... It is such a joy to read something so surprising. I haven’t felt this giddy reading anything in so long.”  Paul Jessup


    "The stories are unique and self-contained but the theme of love and loss and principles of Buddhist thought trace their way through many of them. Some are short, some longer, but all are thought provoking." PL on Goodreads

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