Not The Fellowship. Dragons Welcome! is the sixth Call for Papers of Academia Lunare, the non-fiction arm of Luna Press Publishing.


This call was created to foreground Middle-earth characters, across ages and races, who may not be as familiar as the fellowship.




Francesca T Barbini - Introduction


Amie Angèle Brochu (Canada) “Steward of Trees and Forests: Treebeard’s Symbolic Role in Folklore, Environmental Protection and Eco-Critical Awareness”


Scott Chaussée (USA) “The Last Prince of Cardolan: Memory and mediation in the mortuary archaeology of Middle-earth”


Catherine A. Coundjeris (USA) “Éowyn as Light Bearer”


A J Dalton (UK) “What is so fabulous about Smaug?”


Brendan Dyer (USA) “Glorfindel: Tolkien’s Intertextual Link Between The First And The Third Age”


Jyrki Korpua (Finland) “Master of Fate, yet by fate mastered” – Tolkien’s Túrin Turambar and Kalevala’s Kullervo”


Elise Caemasache McKenna (USA) “The Dyscatastrophe of Túrin Turambar”


Angela P. Nicholas (UK) “Finrod Felagund: His Life, Influence and Legacy”


Enrico Spadaro & Mauro Toninelli (Italy) “The Gaffer: between cabbages and potatoes”


Renée Vink (Netherlands) “Tal-Elmar and the Unrepresented Natives of Middle-earth”


Dawn Walls-Thumma (USA) “Cartography of a Character: On (Re)Writing Nerdanel”

Not The Fellowship. Dragons Welcome!

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